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NATO Sport Centre

The NATO Sport Centre provides the infrastructure and qualified staff to improve your overall vitality and obtain your fitness and health goals in a fun and effective way.     

Each trainer motivates and encourages you in a different way. And sometimes this is reason enough to attend a class as early as 7am!

I joined High Five at the Nato Sport Centre soon after its opening. I was immediately impressed by the professionalism of all the instructors but also by the large and growing variety of group classes. I can also only recommend the high quality of personal training sessions that help in addressing or improving a specific need.

I can highly recommend the group classes, there is a lot of variety and the instructors are very professional and super motivating. It is a great way to get and stay physically fit and mentally sane.

Small Steps, Big Results

At High Five we understand that every individual has differerent fitness goals. 
No matter what your current fitness level is, our highly dedicated instructors can guide you to your desired goals in the fastest and safest manner with a personal, innovative approach and with powerful motivation.

Start your journey

NATO Sport Centre

Bd Léopold III
1110 Evere, Brussels, Belgium