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FAQ Fitness

FAQ Fitness

What are the opening hours?

We are open from 06h30 to 19h45 during the week, and from 08h30 to 15h45 during the weekends.

Do I need to book my gym session?

Yes, you can book your spot via the High Five Connect app. You can also book your spot by calling the Reception Desk +32 2 808 22 32 or in person upon arrival at Reception (per availability).

Can I stay longer than my booking?

Members are asked to respect their timeslot to guarantee our staff can clean and disinfect equipment for the next reservation.

What is a Fitness Assessment?

During a one hour individualized assessment the coach will:

  • Take different measures (weight, body fat, muscle mass, blood pressure, etc.)
  • Analyse your movement pattern in order to determine your current fitness level
  • Discuss your health and fitness goals

Based on that information the coach can design a tailor- made program corresponding to your individual needs and objectives.

How does Personal Training work?

Personal Training is a one-on-one workout session focused exclusively on you and your goals. Your coach will create a tailor-made program for you and explain, demonstrate and correct every exercise during the session. The coach will regularly evaluate your progress and adapt the training session accordingly to guarantee you obtain the desired results in a safe and efficient manner. Personal Training is a great way to get results quick. Personal Training sessions can be booked individually or in packs of 10 or 20.

If I train by myself, can I still ask for advice?

Absolutely. Our qualified coaches are here to help you. There is always at least one person at the gym at any time during the day to help, guide and advice on your workout.

Can I use the Martial Arts room to stretch or train?

Yes, members can use the Martial Arts room if there are no classes taking place (live and/or virtual) – members are asked to reserve the Martial Arts Room via the High five Connect app. If you are training with weights, please be mindful of the wooden floor. Use mats and put the weights down carefully. Please make sure to clean all used equipment and leave the room just as you would like to see it upon your arrival.