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Sportende vrouwen

FAQ Reception

FAQ Reception

How do I become member of the NATO Sport Centre?  

In order to access the sport facilities and programs at the NATO Sport Centre, you will need to join as a member of High Five – external members will need to be approved for a NATO access badge.  To join as a member of High Five, please visit the Sport Centre Reception Desk to create a profile; you will need to provide an email address, postal address and bank details. Once your profile is created, you can choose between different memberships.  

How can I pay for my membership? 

You can pay your membership only by card via direct debit, bank transfer or card terminal. 

I have a medical condition that prevents me from using the sport facilities, can I pause my membership ? 

A valid medical certificate is required in order to pause your membership. The certificate must clearly state that you are not able to physically exercise.  

I would like to end my membership with High Five for X reason, but I still work at NATO. How can I end my membership? 

Following to the terms and conditions, members must send an email to terminate your membership two weeks prior to the end-of-contract date.    

Why did I receive two invoices after signing up?  

It is possible to choose a membership that can be with or without automatic renewal. In case you chose a membership with automatic renewal, it will be renewed automatically at the end of the contract term until you decide to terminate it.  

The first invoice reflects the pro-rata membership fee until the end of the month in which you joined the Sport Centre. 

The second invoice reflects the membership fee for the membership chosen during the sign-up.

What is a “pro-rata” when I newly register? 

This is the pro-rated amount for your membership fee to be paid until the end of the month in which you joined the Sport Centre. 

How do I book personal training sessions? 

You can contact the reception or fitness department directly. They will find the best coach for you. Once you have chosen a coach, you pick your package and can start training.  

I forgot my password for my High Five account on the app or website. What can I do?  

On the website, you will see the icon « forgot password ». In order to receive a new password you need to type in your email address. You will then be sent a link to create a new password.   

Where can I find my “end-of-contract” date for my membership?  

You can check the status of your membership in the High Five Connect app. Go to “club info”, then click on “my club account” and choose “products”. At the bottom of the page, you can find the information related to your membership.  

The High Five Connect app is not working. How can I book my activity?  

Contact the High Five reception desk by email natosportcentre@highfive.fit or by phone +32 2 808 22 32 – they can reserve a timeslot for you. Before or after your activity, you can ask the reception staff to help you with the High Five Connect app.  

Where can I find the group class schedule?  

The group class schedule can be found in the High Five Connect app, the website, and at the Reception Desk. On the High Five Connect app, choose “Club Schedule” and then select “Group Class”. 

Can I pause my membership when going on vacation?  

Members with a 3, 6, or 12 month basic or family membership will be able to “pause” their membership for 1 month during the holiday period with no penalty (one time per calendar year). Members can choose to start this pause at any point during the month. Please speak to High Five reception staff to initiate it 

I cannot attend the activity booked, what do I need to do?  

You need to cancel the booked activity in High Five Connect by going to “Club Schedule” and then “Cancel”. Please cancel as soon as you know you can't attend. This will help other members to be able to book in for classes and reduce the amount of no shows.   

I forgot/lost something at the Sport Centre. What do I do? 

Please contact the Reception Desk. They will verify if anything has been brought to Lost and Found.  

Is there a minimum amount of people to guarantee classes are taking place ?  

All activities can take place with one participant, with the exception of tennis group classes that require at least 2 participants.  

My membership card doesn’t work at the Sport Centre entrance. What do I need to do?  

Your card may be disconnected from your account, or it may be blocked manually by a staff member. Go to the Reception Desk and check that your account is in order.  

Under what circumstances can I receive a reimbursement of my membership?  

Memberships can only be reimbursed if a member leaves NATO or moves out of the country. Members must provide proof of the end of your contract with NATO or proof of relocation. If valid documentation is provided, the remaining value on the membership can be reimbursed (pro rata). Reimbursements take between 5-6 weeks. 

Are there lockers to leave my belongings during the activities?  

All changing rooms have lockers. These are at your disposal for the duration of your activity. Items should not be left in the locker overnight.  

How can I get a personal locker?  

You can rent a personal locker at HQ. Please contact the Reception Desk to obtain a subscription.  

Will I be reimbursed for the days the Sport Centre is closed ? 

The Sport Centre is closed during the last week of December as well as on all Belgian National Public Holidays. No reimbursement is possible for these days.    

What are the Terms & Conditions? 

The terms and conditions can be found on our website

When does Direct Debit get charged to my account? 

Within 30 days after purchase.  

What happens if I join in the middle of the month? 

All subscriptions start on the first day of the month, therefore all subscriptions starting from the second day of the month or later must be paid in pro rata until the end of the month. Added to this will be the contract period (3 months or 1 year) 

What does a membership include? 

Access to the Sport Centre facilities, including fitness, pool, sauna & steam room, squash, tennis, outdoor facilities, omnisport hall. Personal Training sessions and group classes are not included are excluded.  

Can I invite a friend? 

After successfully passing security, your friend can enjoy the sport center for a day, taking 

a day pass at the reception (10€). 

How is my personal data used? 

The protection of personal data is of highest importance to High Five. We therefore follow the GDPR regulations strictly.  

How do I reserve facilities/classes? 

You can reserve all activities in the High Five Connect App.  

Alternatively, you can call reception at +32 2 808 22 32.  

What are the facility and safety policies? 

All regulations can be found under ‘Terms and Conditions’. 

I have a preference in booking a court or lane, is it possible to reserve it? 

Yes, you can reserve a specific tennis court.  

For the pool it is however not possible to reserve a specific lane. Lanes are distributed randomly with a maximum of 4 people per lane.