Frequently Asked Question

Where can I find more information about the High Five Connect App and how it works?

High Five Connect FAQ's


Where can I find the rules and regulations? 

Rules and regulations


Can I wear my tennis/soccer/outdoor running shoes inside the Sport Centre?

No, separate, clean indoor shoes need to be worn at the gym and any indoor facilities (except tennis).


How do I clean my soccer shoes?

Special brushes are available next to the soccer field.


Is the soccer pitch accessible in the evening?

Yes, the pitch is lit by permanent field floodlights. (Currently unavailable due to COVID-19 prevention measures.)


How long can I train at the Sport Centre?

No longer than 90 minutes per day (COVID-19 regulations).


Do I need a reservation to train?

Yes, you need to reserve your spot (tennis, pool, omnisport hall, gym, martial arts room, squash court, group classes) via the High Five Connect app or at the reception desk.


Can I train outdoors?

Yes, the running track and the outside workout frame is for you to use without a reservation.


Is High Five taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Yes, High Five strictly follows all government regulations. Social distancing of 1,5m is obligatory throughout the Sport Centre and visual routing instructions must be adhered to. Cleaning supplies are provided in all parts of the Sport Centre. All users must disinfect their hands upon arrival and departure of the Sport Centre, all equipment must be cleaned before and after use. Upon arrival at the Sport Centre, your temperature will be taken by our friendly staff. Since August 10, 2020 any person entering the buidling must wear a mask while moving about (not during training).


Will I be reimbursed for the duration of the closure?

Memberships will be extended by the amount of days lost due to the closure.


Will I lose my personal training sessions, CrossFit & group class tickets purchased before the closure?

No, all tickets will be extended by 4 months. 


Are the spaces in group classes limited?

Yes, for health reasons, spaces are limited for all classes and bookings must be made via the High Five Connect App or at the reception desk. 


How much is a day pass?
*A day pass is 10€.


How much is the membership fee?
*The basic membership is 29€ per month for the first user (adult or child between the age of 5- 24)
*The family membership is 25€ per month for the second user of the family over the age of 5 (living under the same roof) and then all other users from the same family (living under the same roof) under the age of 24 are FREE. €54 (€29 + €25) will cover the monthly cost of memberships for the whole family!


Does everyone in my family have to pay a membership fee?
* No, the family membership will only be paid when a second user of your family joins but it would cover any other additional family member, including children under the age of 24.  With a total amount of €54/month (€29 +€25) you and your family have unlimited access to the facilities!


Can members under the age of 16 use the facilities?
Members under the age of 16 are not allowed to use the facilities (gym, tennis, omni sport hall, group classes) alone or do Personal Training, however, they are welcome to participate in our “kids activities” such as holiday camps and tennis classes.


Can I get a membership if I don’t have an access card?
To have access to the NATO Staff Centre you need to obtain access rights from  NATO security (NOS). Without an access card you cannot become a member. However, if you are accompanied by a member then you can acquire a day pass and use of the Staff Centre.


Can children use the pool without supervision?
* Swimmers over the age of eight may be requested to demonstrate an ability to swim 25 meters (one length of the pool), without the help of a floatation device prior to being allowed access to the pool.
Children under the age of 8 or children that cannot swim must be supervised by an adult at all times.


When My account is blocked, can I still book a tennis court?
No, to book a tennis court you need to have a valid membership.


Can I stop my membership any time? 
Your membership is automatically renewed at the end of the contract. In order to end your membership, you must send an email to the Sport Centre reception desk ( one month prior to the renewal of the next membership. 


Is the membership automatically renewed?
All memberships are automatically renewed on the next day following the end of the previous membership (basic membership and group class membership)
One time visit and 10 sessions cards are not included.


What is the procedure if first the user ends his/her membership?
* The second user paying €25 will pass to €29 and become the first member/user. If other members of the family join the Sport Centre they can have a membership of €25.


If I am a new member and I pay my membership on the second of the month until which date will my membership be valid?
* All memberships (basic and group classes) will be extended until the last day of the third month. For example: 02 August 2019 (payment of 3-month membership) will be valid and has to be paid on a prorated price basis until the 30 November 2019.


If I forgot to cancel my membership, do I have to pay anyway?
Yes. To end your membership, you have to send an email to the Sport Centre reception desk one month prior to the renewal.


Do I have to pay during the Christmas holidays?
Memberships will not be refunded or extended due to the annual closure of the Sport Centre. 


Can I pay for a month of basic membership?
No, we only offer a 3- or 12-month subscription, but we accept cancellations and provide refunds in case your contract is ending. (Applicable to all NATO employees as well as temporary and interns.)


In which case can I request a refund?
*The membership can be refunded for the following reasons:
- Medical certificate: for any certified illness of more than 2 weeks. This may only be applicable once per annum and in this case the membership can be extended or refunded for the certified time frame
- Leaving NATO employment
- Leaving the country
Absence for holidays is not a reason for refund.


What happens if I change mind after paying the membership?
* In case you are not satisfied, you can cancel your membership 14 days after payment.
To cancel your membership, you will need to notify the Sport Centre reception desk by email (


Can I do group classes or CrossFit with a day pass?
No, group classes are not included in a day pass. The day pass will give you access to all the facilities (gym, pool, omni sport). To participate in a group class or CrossFit, you need to purchase a separate class ticket in addition to your day pass.


Can I participate in the group classes with a Sport Centre basic membership?

To participate in a group class, you must to be member of the Sport Centre and have either of the following:
Valid for all group classes except CrossFit
- 1 class visit ticket: 3.30 €
- 10 class visit card: 30 € valid 6 months
- 1-month group class membership: 20.62 €
Valid for CrossFit all inclusive
- 1 class visit ticket: 3.30 €
- 10 class visit card: 30 € (valid only for CrossFit)
- 1-month CrossFit all inclusive: 33.02 € (valid for all CrossFit and all group classes)


Can I rent parts of the Sport Centre for an event?
* You may rent areas of the Sport Centre: lanes of the pool, the omnisport hall, the football field, the Relaxation room, the Martial Arts room and the tennis courts.


Recuperating VAT

VAT: Most services offered on site at NATO (including e.g. catering) exclude VAT due to the 'special tax position' of NATO. The same ruling applies to the services offered on site by High Five, which means that all our rates are exclusive of VAT. 

For more details please contact the Sport Centre reception.