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Sportende vrouwen

General Conditions

General Conditions

  • All memberships are possible to purchase for those persons who have an access pass from the NOS security office to enter to the Staff Center.
  • Sports facility access is allowed only with a valid membership 
  • Members can participate in any group class or private coaching session after the purchase of the Basic Membership and correct membership for the Group Class or Personal Training.
  • All users and visitors who do not want a full membership can purchase a Day Pass for 10€ / person or a 10 Days Pass for 60€ / person (6months of validity) (group class and personal training not included).

Basic membership 29€ / Month

  • The 1st family user who takes a membership (also children from 5-year-old) must pay 29€ a month.
  • All parents, first user, who do not have a family membership, and have children under the age of 5-year-old, can bring them to the sport facilities. Above 5-year-old, the children must have a membership.

Family membership (second membership) 25€ / Month

  • This membership can be purchased when the family member obtains the access badge from the security office. 
  • The second membership 25€ / month covers all the persons under the age of 24 years living in the same house. Above 24 years old, the member has to take another membership of 29€.

Please visit our website: natosportcentre.highfive.fit, sign up, a second email will be sent to you, follow the link to create your personal high five account.