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Sportende vrouwen

NATO Sport Centre News

NATO Sport Centre News

Information about the latest health trends, social events, food advice and activities available in your sport centre.

Health and Wellbeing Fair 30/03/23

Come celebrate Health and Wellbeing with us from 9:30 to 16:00 ! Enjoy a day filled with free activities, health tips and wellness...

Women in the Gym 28/03/23

The HQ Sport Centre gym offers a great environment to achieve your health goals. For some however, the gym can also feel intimidating...

Night Aqua Fit 08/03/23

Join our exciting nocturnal aquafit class for a fun and invigorating workout experience. Our expert instructor will guide you through...

Potluck 21/03/23

Come join us Tuesday 21 March at 12:30 for a friendly and delicious gathering at our upcoming Potluck at the staff center restaurant...