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Sportende vrouwen

Your journey

Glad to see that you're ready to start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle at the NATO Sport Centre ! Please follow the steps below to access your trainings and workouts.  

The First Steps

  1. 1. Sign Up to our Gym

    Join NATO Sport Centre by signing in at the reception.

    Please choose the membership that suits you best.

  2. 2. Install our HFC App

    After signing up you will receive a link to download the app.

    The app offers you the possibility to book (group) workouts, meet our community and much more...


  3. 3. Fitness Assessment

    Book your spot with one of our qualified coaches for a free fitness assessment.  

    The assessment will give you a clear idea of your current fitness level and indicate where your performance can be optimized.

  4. 4. Training Programme

    Your coach will create a tailor-made training programme to reach your fitness objectives effectively. 

    Regardless of your current fitness level, our highly dedicated coaches will guide and motivate you to achieve your goals as fast and safe as possible.


What else do we offer you?

As a member of the NATO Sport Centre you get the possibility to participate in face-to-face and online group classes so you can join your favourite workouts from the comfort and safety of your home.

Moreover, we offer both face-to-face and online personal training for our clients. You can book your session and/or package directly in the High Five Connect app.  "